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Christmas Gift Cards

In the leadup to Christmas in 2014 we sold UnitingWorld Everything In Common gift cards as alternative Christmas presents. I am thrilled to report that we sold just over $1,000 in gift cards, all of which will be distributed across the 12 different project named on the gift cards.

Nanuku Children (Fiji)

Our Compassion Candles project supports children in the Nanuku squatter settlement, helping to get them to school. I’m against thrilled to report that we have been able to give $6,000 to the project from our 2014 operations. (wild cheering!!)


Mission Activity

We care about people in the world, especially those who suffer just because of where they live – especially children.

As a church,

  • our Compassion Candles project involves us with UnitingWorld, and particularly the children of Nanuku, Fiji.
  • we participate in “Lent Event” in the leadup to Easter most years
  • we take an interest in the international work of Uniting World
  • we love the fact that quite a few of our families support sponsor children

Do you care about people who live in poverty, trapped in circumstances not of their making and out of their control?  So do we.

Compassion Candles and Lip Balms is an initiative of the Proserpine Whitsunday Uniting Church.

The goal of Compassion Candles is to make and sell candles and lip balms at a profit, using money raised to contribute to projects that help rescue children from extreme poverty.

How much can we give? It depends on how much we sell. In 2013 we were able to give away $5,000, and in 2015 $6,000. Who knows what we can give by the end of 2016.

We also have 2 sponsor children through Compassion Australia – Joel and Batoma who live in Burkina Faso. We have been sponsoring them since they were 8 and 7 respectively, but they are very much teenagers now.

Compassion Candles has been operating since September 2009.

Compassion Candles has its own website.
The above map sows the town location in Burkina Faso where the project for our 2 sponsor children is located.  You can’t use street view, but you can switch to satellite mode. We don’t know where in town the project buildings are located.
chapeeze_headingChapeeze is a product of our Compassion Candles venture, supporting school chaplaincy in addition to our other child-focused aid projects. Chapeeze are distributed around Queensland as well as sold locally as Whitsunday Lip Balm.