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Stories – Healing

Shoulder and Elbow

It was not what you would call an inspiring setting.  Our Sunday Night Church attendance is fragile, but this night about 6 of us decided we would do it like a bible study.  At the end, Shelley asked me if I would pray for Mick, her husband.  He had a BMX accident on the Friday evening and his shoulder was damaged enough to be restrained.  He had also suffer tennis elbow in his other arm for 18 months.

So I got 2 people to put their hands on his elbow, while I did the same on his shoulder, and I prayed.  He was wearing a decent jacket, so I was surprised to feel heat while we were praying.  I commented on it after praying, and Mick said he felt it too, but much hotter in the elbow.  Having check afterwards, I know the other two felt the heat as well.

Mick was back sailing the next day with full use of both arms, with 4 metre seas.  The tennis elbow is completely cured, and there is occasionally a twinge in the shoulder.

I rarely even feel things when I pray for people – but quite often other people do.  On this occasion we all felt the heat, so I take it that (at least) Mick’s shoulder and elbow became physically hot as God healed them.

Always amazing!

Healing in our Home Group

This story takes place in a home group doing in the Alpha Course. We were doing the healing session in which Nicky Gumbel talks (among many other things) about how God gives hints on who needs prayer and who might be healed. In our discussion we decided to pray in that way, waiting on God for any sight or sensation that might us pray for each other.

Shelley: I had a significant pain in my lower abdomen/side for a couple of weeks at this time. No one but my husband knew about it, and I knew he hadn’t told anyone. I figured I had to get medical help for this, but didn’t want to face it. I certainly wasn’t planning on owning up to it this night.

Wayne: We prayed, and while we prayed I felt a pressure, not a pain, low down on my right side. I thought, “you’re imagining it, just because you’re looking for something.”

Rob: (Rob is a doctor) I felt a pressure low down on my left hand side. I wasn’t sure if I was imagining it because of what we were doing, so I decided to say nothing.

Wayne: We had prayed for some time and it was time to stop. I almost didn’t, but at the last moment I decided to describe the pressure in my side.

Rob: When Wayne said what he felt and had to share what I felt. It was the same but on the opposite side.

Shelley: I couldn’t believe it. Where they described was right near my pain. But there was no point analyzing it because when Wayne described what he felt, my pain disappeared instantly.

Wayne: I moved over to pray for Shelley, but she said the pain was already gone. We were all amazed (!!).

Shelley: The pain really was gone and it has never come back. I don’t know what it was, but I know God dealt with it in an amazing way that night.

Shoulder and Cancer

I am one of those seniors who have had a relationship with God since an early age. It has been a lopsided relationship, in that God has done a lot more for me than I could ever hope to do for him. But that’s the way it always is, as God’s generosity far exceeds our own. I confess to not always being fully aware of God’s blessings at the time; but with hindsight I am able to look back and see where he has been operating in my life. I am so grateful that he has never given up on me. Over the years I have often prayed for healing (physical and spiritual) for others and God has been gracious in response but to my knowledge I have not asked him for healing for myself before just recently.

For a few weeks I had been suffering from a painful shoulder. Following an evening service at our church I asked for prayer by members of the congregation. They laid their hands on my shoulder as they prayed. Immediately I was able to raise my arm over my head without any pain whatsoever. God had answered in a marvelous way. For two whole days and nights I enjoyed life pain-free. But then it came back…I don’t know why. There was further prayer offered but without the same miracle as before. I have since sought the help of a physiotherapist and a doctor and between them, and over a few weeks time, I am now 99% pain free. I thank God for both healings, for I see his hand in them both.

But there’s more. In late 2009 I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. An operation to remove it was found to be too dangerous. A course of chemotherapy was undertaken. Meanwhile numerous prayers were offered to God on my behalf. The result is that I am in remission; the cancer has not developed, nor has it spread anywhere else. Praise God!

(Warwick’s cancer stayed in remission for 12 months.  If then returned in full force and his has since passed into God’s care.)

Healings in 2010

God has healed a number of people this year in our church. These are, in summary, some of the things that have happened.  Over time, some of these events may be reported on this page by the people they happened to.  Over time this list may be extended as I remember more of what has happened. I really should keep a better record.

I have been asked by two people on the way out of church to prayer against a persistent migraine headache.  On both occasions those migraines left and did not return.

One person came to our evening service on a night when the topic for the night was healing.  The details are above.  There were at least a dozen witnesses to that event.

On a youth and young adult camp one young woman had a badly sprained ankle.  When 3 of the other campers prayed for her ankle, it was completely healed.  They had been carrying her everywhere, but afterwards was walking on it, and running the next day without pain.

On the same camp, a chronically sore back was prayed for, and the pain was completely relieved.  It turns out this was only temporary, for some days.  I don’t understand such temporary outcomes, but it still seems to me as naturally impossible to create 3 days of pain relief without drugs for a chronic condition.