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Stories – Following Jesus

My First Story (Keisha McEwan)

In May 2010 I accepted Jesus into my life. I am a 14 year old girl and I didn’t believe in God at all until I met Wayne McHugh, Shelley Ekert, Fiona Saxby and Jemimah Thompson.

On the 30th of April a group of people travelled from Proserpine to Hay point where we had a camp called CQ Rendezvous. CQ Rendezvous is the annual youth and young adult camp of the Uniting Church in central Queensland, normally on the May Day long weekend. The guest speaker there, Fiona Saxby, was very inspiring to me about God.

On the Saturday of that weekend we combined with a baptist camp – they provided the food and us the program. During the worship we had to write on a piece of paper what was keeping us from God and then put it into a bin which was lit on fire, so that what we wrote was between yourself and the Lord.

After that we went and sat back down, Jemimah looked at me and I was just sitting there amazed at what was going on. About 5 minutes later Jemimah said to me “Do you want to pray with me?” I said “Yeah sure.” At that moment we slid down from our chairs on our knees and Jemimah started praying for me to accept Jesus into my life. This was Jemimah’s first time praying for someone else to accept Jesus into their life, and it was my first time being prayed for.

That was the moment my life changed forever, for the better. I wasn’t thinking anything at the time but when we were driving back to our campsite all I could think was what will my family say?, Did I do the right thing?.

Since CQ Rendezvous there have been two occasions where I know God has done something. One was when I got to be a part of praying for someone, and they were healed on the spot. The other was when God told me something that I didnt know about one of my friends. When I told them about it they said “Wow, you totally heard God.” I felt so happy that I heard God and I know now that God is real and no one can ever change my mind.

“Holy Fog” or “Tingling Cloud” (Andrew East)

My first real encounter with God was when I made a decision to become a Christian at 14 years old.

I was filled with His presence as I stood at the front of the church making a commitment to follow him. This feeling is hard to describe and may sound weird but it was like an invisible “holy fog” or “tingling cloud” pass through and into me (sounds strange I know).

As time has progressed, I have learnt to become more aware of God’s presence or this sixth spiritual sense and this experience is now common place when I pray, worship, or dwell on the things of God (especially his Holy Spirit). It is occurring now as I write this message.

Although I am not exactly sure of the purpose of this ability to sense God’s presence or “awareness of the spiritual,” I am certainly thankful for it and find it a great encouragement to know that God is literally a prayer away.

In talking to people about this I have found a small number of others also have the same or similar experience. It is certainly not something that people often share about but something that warrants more discussion. I believe that God is closer then we think, willing and wanting to be experienced if we truly seek him.

These days I work for Scripture Union coordinating School Chaplaincy between Sarina and Bowen.

(Since writing this account for us, Andrew East has accepted a position as Pastor of the Churches of Christ in Armidale, New South Wales)